Skank Journal 8-3-11

Woah, that was some freaky dream shit. That devil Skooma really plays with your mind I guess. But I’ve done skooma for years and its never done that before. I think that dream could have been real.

I’ll bet whoever that bitch was in my dream was controlling the cannibals. Maybe some demon that now apparently has focused her attention on me. Well, fine, I’ll skewer that cunt with my blades if she keeps f’ing up my dreams. No need to alert the others, though, they’re scared shitless of everything, and telling them a demoness is stalking us won’t help. That pussy lizard boy magus would probably drop a turd in his robes if I told him.

I guess there’s not much left of the island but the tunnel underneath the camp and the red mountain devil’s lair. I was hoping that we would find boats in the cannibal camp, but we didn’t. How are we going to get off of this island? That is the pressing issue now, as I’m sure a dragon doesn’t keep a rowboat in his mountain lair. But I’ll bet we find some cool shit in there, like some magic shit so I can raise my to-hit bonus and my damage bonus. I’m not sure what that means, but for some reason I really want to raise these numbers.


Skank Journal 8-3-11

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