Skank Journal 8-10-11

I’m glad to be off the island. I thought we would never leave. Now we are local celebreties, and everybody wants a piece of us. I’m not sure what the others want to do, but the Red Mantis gang seems like guys right up my alley. Maybe I’ll become an assassin one day. It would really help me to get my hands on their poisons. I’m sure our elf chemist friend would agree.

I’ll bet Jari votes to go to the some boring do-gooder faction. He needs to grow up a little bit. I would wonder what the fighter Stroker wants to do but all he does now is sleep in his hotel room all day. It looks like he could be their for months. Maybe I’ll do him a favor…

Our cleric now begins each day by casting all his spells at the floor like an idiot. How did one so foolish live through the island? Oh yeah, he let everybody else take the damage even though he is the most armored. Epic clerical FAIL.


Skank Journal 8-10-11

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