Skank Journal 7-18-11

Dear SEX journal,
I am starting to remember the old Skank I used to be before the devil skooma imprisoned me. I’ve decided to brush up on my butchering skills, a trade that my old man Skank Sr. used to dabble in. There’s always some bush meat here for me to practice on. The more time that passes, I can also feel my body growing stronger, and the orc within me reawakening. My sense of smell has developed into a powerful tool, allowing me to “see” what is around me in a completely new way. I know that this will prove useful on this cursed island. I can smell the stench of humans as I write this. The cannibals must be close…

I am glad the base camp has moved south. I was beginning to think the others were content to die on the other end of the island. This part of the island seems more dangerous, however, with the cannibals ever closer and the Red Mountain Devil’s lair just a few miles away. But we have to explore down here if we are to escape. There are a couple of shipwrecks I think are worth exploring, but only the one’s Pezok marked with stars. I’m not wasting my time with the others.

I want to move closer to the cannibal camp and scout it out the next time we venture out. I don’t think we’re going to have much of a choice in what to do with them though; cannibals usually don’t like to talk things out. I just hope they don’t like orc meat.

I know that the smart money would say to avoid the Red Mountain Devil’s lair, but I can’t resist wondering what is in there. I know this greedy bunch is going to have to go, but I hope that we can grow stronger before we make that climb. I say we wait and do it last before we leave. That is, if the beast will leave us alone for that long…


Skank Journal 7-18-11

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