Skank Journal 7-14-11

Dear SEX diary,
I really need a fix. Or maybe I don’t. I’m not sure what I need anymore, but the sickness is gone, thank Calistria. I see the way the other shipwrecked passengers have looked at me, like I’m a drug fiend, and I guess I deserve it. I’m tired of being human buttwipe. I think it’s time to have an honest discussion with someone who I haven’t talked to in a long time—the half-orc in the mirror.

These other guys aren’t that bad I guess. They seem like they can handle themselves in a fight, except for that pussy Jari. But I guess his dad tried to slay him with lizards so you can’t blame him. Jari seems to understand my problem more than the others, and has offered to sponsor me. I guess I should be grateful, but he makes me uncomfortable. There is some strange gay vibe that he gives off.

If that weirdo who can’t remember anything doesn’t straighten himself out soon, I might kill him in his sleep. I think he’s a lying bastard and is playing us all for fools. I would be doing everyone a favor by slaying him before he fucks us.

Libne seems like a really shitty cleric. I think I could cast a cure spell better than that dwarf fuck. I hope his stupid ass finds a shield somewhere or else we’ll just get the nigger to be our healer.

The elf alchemist seems like a great ally, but there has to be something up with him. Everyone else here has shit under their fingernails except him. What makes him so special? I think I should watch that slippery bastard more closely.

Well, I’d better get some sleep. Tomorrow looks to be another long, hot and dangerous day. I’m all for going to the captain’s camp and uncovering more of the mystery of our shipwreck. That’s my vote for tomorrow if they ask me. Oh Calistria damn it, Jari is looking at me again. I think he’s going to come over here. I’m going to pretend like I’m asleep.


Skank Journal 7-14-11

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