Serpent's Skull

Day 14

Here is where your party stands. It is the end of day 14 and the pirate faction has completely researched the military district. The pirates (you) have 20 research points and 0 destruction points, and the camp store is now at 4,500g. I am also awarding each player 500 more gold to represent all the random artifacts and plunder that your faction found in this district.
During this time, you noticed that the sargavarian government has moved their camp to the old fortress (D1) where you origionally fought Olajimi. They have been exploring the military district as well in addition to mopping up the remaining monkey men to the point where they appear to be completely gone. Due to the fact that your group saved some of the government men and cleared this area out of big guys, relations between the pirates and the govenrment are not hostile, but nothing in the way of a formal alliance has been established either. You have noticed over the past few days that the government camp has sustained some damage, but is usually able to fend off its attacks and by day 14 looks fully repaired. That said, during the 9 days your camp suffered damage as well (up to 11 destruction points at one point), but your supply rolls kept it in check.

At some point on day 11 you noticed that the spear in the city deactivated and you lost your melee attack bonus. However, you feel a different sort of energy, the benefit of which, you can’t immediately determine. Your pirate wise men surmise that another faction must have figured out how to activate another spear which has given you some new unknown benefit but taken the old one away. Day 11 choice, reactivate your spear, or let this one stay active and see if you can figure out what it does. If you do try to figure out the new power, let me know what you try so I can tell you if you notice anything.

Here is the information that you have learned from your exploration of the military district:
The city of Saventh-Yhi is over 11,000 years old.
Saventh-Yhi means City of Saventh.
The city was built to honor the warrior/heroine Saventh who defeated some snake entity named Yderisus.
The military district housed the city’s army.
When active, this district’s spear gives all creatrues in the city a +2 to melee attack roles. (based on what happened on day 11, you can assume that only one spear can be active at a time)
Ways to activate the military spear:
-anoint it with the blood of powerful creature (CR10 or higher).
-a cleric who worships a deity of wrath or combat can channel energy into the spear (nobody in the group can do this)
-two people can perform a mock combat in front of the spear. Both must succeed a high intimidate check.

From this point on, I am going to award knowledge about a particular district based on your discovery points. That means that your job will be basically to make each area less hostile so that you can accumulate points faster. Also, I am going to mix up the encounter areas, so saying that you are going to a noted area in a certain part of the city is fine, but there may not be anything there, also there may be places that aren’t noted that contain significant encounters. In addition to that, just because you cleared a building one day, doesn’t mean that something else hasn’t moved in the next day… The structures containing the spears will remain where they are noted on the map. I think it is reasonable to assume that everyone would know they would be important.

At this point in the game, there are a few important things to note. First, 9 additional days have gone by. Given the activety you have seen with the government troops and the activation of another spear, you can assume that the other factions are not sitting idle. Note, there is nothing in the rules that says that you have to be enemies with the other exploration teams. I won’t force you to interact (yet), you can if you would like. I am assuming that whichever of Delan’s characters that is crafting is sitting in his tent all day making magic robes and hosery, so he will not be allowed to diplomisize, but all the others can. (By the way, which character is it that is crafting, Delan?) I will let you safely move in areas that you have pacified, currently the military district and initial camp areas. Many things can happen in 9 days, so feel free to be creative. However be specific about the day that you are acting in as that could easily make a difference due to developments on my timeline. Also, I am going to give you a lot of latitude here, so don’t take advantage of it and try to tell me that you are making some retroactive decision on an earlier date if you find out important information later.

I did not roll up any stats for additional days past 14, because that was the day you learned all you could from your current place. However if you want more days to pass I can do that. One benefit of doing that, that I could think of would be that you could send your explorers into the part of the city that you are about to clear, and they could posibably find things to help you out such as important locations or information about the spear or who knows what else. The down side of that is that the exploration DC will be higher and your discovery points per day would most likely be lower.

Day 18

It wound up taking the pirates 4 days to find the Pathfinder camp, thus making it the end of day 18. Since all of the PC’s and NPC’s went out looking, your camp stats were definately lowered. Before I made your supply role on day 16, your camp had 16 damage points. Currently, at the end of day 18, your camp numbers are 0 destruction points and still 20 research points. One thing that I forgot about was that once you pacify a district, you get a +1 to all your camp scores. I added that in before making the rolls for these four days. That also shortened the caravan by one day.

The Pathfinders’ camp is located in and around the tan building just southwest of G1. Your guys were sneaking so they did not make any contact with the Pathfinders, but you know where they are. From what the spys reported, the camp looked like it is not all the way up to normal, like it has suffered some damage that it has not repaired.

The pirate spys also brought back this information about what they found in the rest of the city:

They noted that none of the origional campsites are currently being used by any faction. All of them appear to have been moved at least a week ago if not longer.

Area E – nothing really special about the buildings except they seem particularly looted and unkempt. There did not seem to be any particular group of things controling this part of the city. However one of the pirates dissappeared during the night. The spys think he was eaten by a dragon as they heard heavy wings flapping on two nights. Aspis Consortium explorers were seen here, but there camp was not found. Eastwood was with the group in this area, and through his ring he felt smarter. He was able to better determine the value of some of what he saw (+6 to appraise check), but felt as if there was some other ability that he was not able to discover during his time there. The passive spear effect is all creatures get +2 to diplomacy.

Area F – looks to be controlled by serpentfolk not unlike the ones you fought at the end of books one and two. No boss was spotted. No faction was spotted. One pirate member disappeared here one night as well, but the group was not attacked nor was any large beast spotted or heard. The passive spear effect is that all creatures get +2 to sense motive.

Area G – As noted above, this is where the Pathfinders have set up their camp. Besides them, this area seems to be controlled by short fungus men. In fact this entire district is covered in fungus and seems more rotten and unkempt than the others. However the fungus guys don’t seem to bother the Pathfinders. Spys noted that the spear in this district was active when they got there. The passive spear effect here is that all creatures get +2 to perception.

Area J – This area seems very well kept up. It is much cleaner than the rest of the districts, and contained many statues and carvings. A tribe of humans seems to populate this area, no factions were spotted. The passive effect here is that all creatures get +2 to craft and perform checks.

Area K – This area is very swampy and much of what looked like it could have been origionally in the city is now beyond ruined. Spys reported that this area is controlled by short frog men with loud croaks. The frog men were seen throwing freshly killed animals in the big algy covered lake, but nothing was seen in the lake itself. No factions were noted here. The passive effect here is that all creatures get +2 on Survival checks.

Area L – This area seems to be filled with various temples, and is populated by lizard like men which look different than the snake men in Area F. The Red Mantis Society is here and seems to be in good standing with the lizard folk. As such, their camp was not hard to find. It is currently situated on the pensulia between L1 and L2. The camp seemed in very good repair. The passive effect is that all creatures get + 2 to sense motive checks.

Other things noticed: Various pirate spys reported that there were out-of-place humanoid creatures studying the ruins in various sections of the city. For example there were seen serpent folk in area J, fungus guys in area E, frog men in area G, etc… They weren’t acting aggressively, they would seem to study a carving or statue for a while and then move on to another one unless they were attacked, in which case they would fight to the death. However, they were never witnessed as starting a fight or being agressive on their own.

On day 16 the caravan returned with the money from the lions: 16500g
On day 18 another spear was activated. Spys reported seeing the spear in area L “active” on day 18, however they did not see how it was activated. The effect of this spear on those who use magic is that they feel more “magical”, non magic users feel nothing.

Throughout the 4 days, you also notice that the Pathfinders have begun to explore the military district and that the govenrment troops have all but eradicated the monkey men. The government continues to explore the military district, but you cannot help but notice that the Pathfinders are much more efficient than the Sargarvian Government at exploration.

Day 28

It has taken the pirates 5 days to research all but 2 of the points in the fungus district. It is currently the end of Day 28.

Here is what you have learned about district G:

It is called the Residential District
This district served as the housing disrtict for the city.
It was not as protected by the city’s magic wards thus resulting in the encroching jungle and the ruin of the buildings.
The spear in this district is called the Spear of Rest
It is activated by magically healing at least 100 points of damage to any number of creatures in a single minute while on top of the ziggurat, channeling energy into the spear from a cleric who worships a deity associated with community or dreams, or perform a 1 hour meditation where you remain still and silent for 1 hour (DC 25 stealth check).
Once the spear is active, all creatures in the area get the benefits of a full nights rest after only sleeping for 2 hours, and heal twice their level in hit points.

I am also awarding each PC 200g for all the stuff that was found here (you could tell that the Pathfinders had been looking here first. In addition, I forgot to add in the story XP award which will amount to 1,000xp each bringing your XP to 59,000.

Here are some things that happened while you were away:

On day 23, you noticed that the Sargavarian Government arrived in the Residential district and began exploring and hunting down the remaining fungus men.

On Day 24, the Pathfinder camp was raided by a scout party from the Aspis Consortium. The Pathfinders tracked the Aspis Consortium back to their camp and made plans for an all out attack.

On Day 26, the Pathfinders launch an all out attack on the Aspis Consortium camp. Though they suffer casulties, the Pathfinders won and inflicted heavy damage on the Consortium’s camp (it was not destroyed).

Eastwood's Journal

As stated in my email, I’d like to reintroduce the character journals. If you can start a different post for each of your characters then submit a journal for them.

I am going to do Eastwood’s journal here.

This place is hot as hell. I have been with these guys for a little over a month and I have seen more shit during that time than I have in my whole life, and that is saying something. Four armed giant gorillas, huge gorillas with wings When that giant spider came out of that hole and bit a hole in me, it was the best feeling in the world. It could have sucked all the shit out of me and I would have loved it. Before that witch turned into that hag, she could have done the same thing with the same result. Too bad the witch had to ruin that one so fast.

This group seems solid enough though. The squaw is pretty tough. Her tits are probably made of steel or something. The cross dressing witch makes me want to vomit. We had a guy like that on one of our ships and he got a piece of red hot steel shoved in his ass before he was tossed overboard. However his/her lightening spells and angel-dogs seem to be pretty handy. I am going to have to get that nigger elf to make me a strength belt. Since I sold my shield and got another sword, I can’t hit as well as I could before. The rogue orc has some kind of look about him that I just can’t place. I get the feeling like he is going to go into a cocoon one day and come out as something completely different. Maybe that’s the venom still talking.

All that said, this place is crazy. There are(were) monkeys in one part of the city, fungus covered migets in another, and it looks like snake men in the third. That doesn’t count the thing that swooped in and took one of the poor pirate bastards in that other section when were all looking for the Pathfinder camp.

Then there are these spears that keep turning on and off as soon as whoever figures out how to work them. Maybe there is some way of stabilizing that process to get an effect that we like. I know those magic guys like their boost, but when that military spear is turned on, something in me just feels right. Those government guys might be persuaded to keep turning theirs on if it gets shut off.

Like I said, I have been in this bush for only 4 weeks and if the gold I have made so far is any indication of what is to come, then I may be shooting too low wanting just one ship. Hell, I could have a fleet, an island, a port, and run the Pirate Council. Let Captain Bones sit on his boney ass while I get stronger in the jungle finding loot. Its not like we are giving all of what we find to him anyway.

Lost City Day 44


During the last sit down adventure, the PC’s participated in the Pirate’s attack on the Red Mantis camp. The PC’s were able to defeat the Red Mantis boss and some of her priests, but lizardmen reinforcements came in and dropped Sloppy Joe, and Nig. Things weren’t going well for the pirates and they began to retreat on turn 7. The PC’s picked up their casualties and left as well.

Frustrated with their captain’s failure of leadership, the PC’s pressed on to clean out the central island of the city. They first caught 12 snakemen worshiping at the temple, and easily defeated them. They then killed a sea snake in a flooded ampetheater. Finally they begain exploring the domes at the south end of the island. One dome was empty, another had a 16 square snapping turtle that ate SWD. She did manage to cut herself out before the beast was killed.

The last dome the PC’s explored contained a Rashaka with an alligator head named Akarundo. When the PC’s found him, he was disguised as a woman. However the dome was nicely decorated with a bunch of furnature, rugs, and corpses. The PC’s really did’t know what to make of this until they heard Akarund magically close the door.

The PC’s did take him down pretty easily however, he did drop Sloppy Joe with lightning spells.

Other than the usual treasure type things, the PC’s did find a 1 foot long Gold Key to match their Silver Key.


It is currently the end of day 44. Thirteen days have gone by since the end of our session.

The camp’s current standing is: PX value $7,200, Destruction points: 0, Research Points: 57, current player total xp: 70,200.

Here are some things you noticed happen during those days while exploring section E:

Day 32: a new spear is turned on. Eastwood remembers this to be the same one that he experienced in District E. The one benefit that he remembered was a +6 to appraise checks, and there was one more ability from that spear that has not been figured out.

Day 33: Another new spear was turned on. Immediately those that were hungry felt full and nurished. Each person feels more hardy, but no one can put their finger on what the second benefit might be. However, later that day, the Military Spear was turned back on, and everyone was hungry again, but more fierce.

Day 35: Athrya leaves camp to return to the wild.

Day 43: -Sasha stumbles into your camp. She looks like she is on the verge of death. Jask gets to work healing her. When he is done, he states that she had bubonic plague, and had lost a significant amount of blood. She is currently in a coma, but before she went under, the only word that Jask could make out from what she said was,‘vampire’.

Day 44: -The traders return at the end of the day with the 62,000. Them returning on the 44th instead of the 48th is due to a mistake I made when I was rolling up the stats. I forgot to add in the PC’s numbers to the Exploration and/or Defense. I didn’t realize what I’d done until I had finished rolling everything up, so I just added the PC’s bonus to supply, which reduced the travel time of the guys by four days. Otherwise I would have had to reroll everything, not just the pirate camp. That said, at the end of day 45 the guys with 15,000 should come back. (Note, this money can only be used to buy/upgrade/create things after day 44).

You weren’t really looking, but you didn’t notice any of the camps attacking each other. You know for sure that your camp was not attacked by another faction.

Also, when you finish conquering section F, which section do you want to explore next? You guys are moving at a pace of about one section per session. You may want to look over the information that you had from the other update email that described them all (also posted on Obsidian). Either E or L would be the logical choices since they touch areas you have already conqured. That said, the pirate captain is keen on attacking the Mantis camp in section L again, but due to the reinforcements that came in, thinks that it would be a good idea to clear out that area prior to attacking them again. Section L would also open up M, N, O, & P. Section E would give you more access to H, and I. Or again, you could do whatever, but let me know so that I can read up more on what those guys will do.

Finally, just FYI, when you kill all the baddies in a district, you make it easier for all the groups to explore. I am not saying that you have made mistakes, or that you should/could have allied with anyone you met, but just know that killing them all, while certainly effective for you, blazes a trail for everyone, where as leaving groups alive in the district forces the other factions to deal with them as well.

Lost City Day 51

In The field:

The PC’s resolved to finish clearing out the Government District (F) which included clearing out 3 remaining domes of a huge snake and several serpentfolk. They also encountered a boggard who, along with several zombies, seemed to be studying the ruins of a certain part of the district. They tried communicating with him, but he did not respond nor initiate attack, so the PC’s left him alone to continue, thinking that they would return later when they learned to speak his language.

Next, the PC’s decided to take down the Temple District (L), and its lizard men. They easily beat some jungle mantises, however the fight against the district leader, Lessikal proved tougher, when he, his two pet allosauruses and several priests, brought the party as close to destruction as it has come yet. During the battle, Eastwood and Skank DIED as a result of Lessikal and the Mantis Blade, the negative channeling priests and the two dinosaurs.

The party also discovered what they later found out was the tomb of Saventh, though they were unable to get to it because it was perched on a high hill and the PC’s can’t fly.

The final battle of the night was against shreeking ghosts who made Nig insane (paranoid).

In Camp:

It is now the end of day 51. For crafting purposes, day 46 is 4 hours, 47 is 9.5 hours, and 48-51 is 8 hours each. (I’ll explain all this later.) Your research of the L district is at 17/20 and your total research is at 77. The camp also has 2 destruction points. That said, I am putting a 20 point cap on each camp score to represent the point when people start getting in each other’s way. Your current camp scores are: Defense 17, Exporation 20, and Supply 13. There are 4 PC’s helping and currently 4 NPC’s helping as well. I also gave the camp a 500gp bouns for your wiping out district L. Total camp PX value is 10,700gp. Current Spear Activated: Military +2 bouns to melee attack.

Here is a rundown of what you would have noticed happening during this time:

Day 46: This is the day you fought the ghosts that made Nig paranoid. Due to the party going out and coming back to camp I am going to say that you have 4 hours worth of uninterrupted crafting time. About the time you get back to camp, the Spear of Rest in the Residential district is turned on. However, before the end of the day, the Military Spear is turned back on.

Day 47: A brand new spear is turned on in the morning. Nig notices that through the power of this spear, his normal 8 hours of crafting time yeilded him 9.5 hours worth of results.

Day 48: Early in the morning of this day, the Military Spear is turned back on. Later on during the day, the Spear of Rest is turned on. This allows everyone to get twice as much benefit from their rest that night. Also, during mid day messengers from the Red Mantis make contact with your camp.

Day 49: The Military Spear is turned back on at about mid day. At the end of the day, the traders return with 15,000gp. Any of this money can only be spent after day 49.

Day 51: Since your camp is so close to the Sargaravian Government, you noticed that they sent what looks like a strike force into the city. Researchers in district L noticed a large fight between the Red Mantis and Government troops at the RM camp. From their perspective, the Red Mantis soundly beat the government with little damage to their camp.

What you learned about District “L”: This is the Temple District. There are many ancient temples to the various, but antiquated gods of this game all about this place. You also learn that the structure on the high hill that you couldn’t get to is the crypt of Saventh. You also learn that the keys that you have found are part of the way of getting into the crypt. The spear of this district is called The Spear of Fertility. The benefit of this spear is that all creatures cast their spells at +1 caster level. The way this spear is activated is by leading a mass prayer service (1 hour) for one of the gods of Saventh-Yhi for at least 50 people, or channel energy into the spear from a cleric who worships a deity of Saventh-Yhi, or perform a 1 hour ritual of prayer and contemplation to any deity (requires DC 25 Knowledge Religion check).

Lost CIty Day 59

In the Field:

The PC’s decided to tackle the Mercantile District during the latest session. They looked in a nasty shack and were attacked by some savage looking monkey men that were inside. While they were fighting, other monkey people dropped from the trees outside. They were easily destroyed. As soon as they looked through the shack, a giant slug came out of the woods. The PC’s had no salt, but their sharp weapons cut him up pretty well.

At the Mercantile spear, they found the lair of a super giant bat, who took some licks then grabbed Skank in an attempt to feed on him at the top of the ziggurat. He was hurt so bad that when Skank hit him, he died, causing Skank to fall 30 feet to the ziggurat.

The PC’s also found the layer of three chimeras. The main boss chimea blew his acid all over everyone and wound up killing SWaD. In the remians of the lair the PC’s found an old wizard and his spell book and also the body of Ishirou. None of the PC’s seemed particularly sorrowful at his death. They couldn’t really remember who he was.

In Camp:

The party headed back to camp at the middle of Day 54. By day 59 the pirates had completely explored the Mercantile district. This is what they discovered:


In addition to this information, the PC’s did notice that whenever a spear was turned on, the military spear was turned back on a short time later.

Lost City Day 69

The Lost city of Saventh-Yhi is finally discovered, by the Pirates, lead by the 5 over powered PC’s. Here is a recap of the final conflicts.

After waiting a number of days in camp for items to be crafted and to come back from civilisation, the PC’s decided to go back in the city in finish it up. At this point in the adventure, the PC’s were very confident in their superpowers. The plunged headlong into the swamp district, where they discovered a shaman’s hut with a magical effigy to keep the vampire monkey away. They left it alone, and were disappointed not to find any real treasure in the primitive hut. Wanting to cut to the chase, they moved directly to the spear where they were unable to commuincate with the boggard boss Garluu. He got upset that the PC’s invaded his place, and attacked, however, before he was able to attack, the boggard was hurt so bad that he threw down his weapons and surrendered. The PC’s took his magic weapon and armor, and that of his lieutenants. They were humiliated, and mad, but could do nothing in their impotent rage.

The PC’s found the vampire thing, which wound up giving SWaD bubonic plague and multiple negative levels. Nig and Jo noticed a frog hopping away and caught it in a jar. Rather than going back to camp, the party went to another ziggurat where they asked a mist in a jar too many questions which released a demon which was resistant to everything except Eastwood’s sword. After killing him, the party went to the district’s algey lake where they fought a froghemeth. This quickly dropped Eastwood, but didn’t have the hit points to stay in the fight long enough to take anyone else out.

After this beating, the group went back to camp, and decided to explore the artisan district, even though there was no in game reason for doing so. They met up with a patrol, and SWaD was very rude to them. They went back to tell their boss, who sought them out. They noticed her power and that of her second in command, and were more polite to her. The PC’s attempted to forge an alliance with her and she asked them to perform a work of art. No matter whether they sang, danced, or recited a story, the muse was not impressed and said they would be allied if they killed the vampire thing. Since the PC’s already did that, all was well.

It was back to camp to level up and two things happened. The camp was attacked by a mummy and some low level undead, and a crazy, almost dead, half-elf stumbled into camp. The PC’s wound up curing all of her illnesses, and she told them that she came to the lost city from underground where she was exploring with Eando Kline. A tribesman from the artisan district showed up and said that a undead serpentfolk had moved in the old haunted house, and asked if the PC’s could clear him out. Juliver confirmed that he was the one chasing her out of the tunnel.

The PC’s rushed into battle with Sozothala and he promptly cast black tenticales on them. Miraculously Nig and Sloppy Jo were able to get out Jo wound up having to cast two black tenticlaes in order to catch Sozothala, while Nig bombed the lesser undeads. The two casters finished off the boss with lightening and arrows, while all the fighters remained stuck for the entire battle which will forever be known as the battle of the Black Tentacles.

11-17-4710 Into the Vaults

The PC’s awoke this morning and immediately set out to discover what happened to Juliver, whom Jask had physically healed, but who was unable help her mental condition. He did diagnose her with paranoia, and feeblemind. Lacking the power to cure her themselves, Skank selflessly volunteered to spend some of his own prestige to purchase the appropriate healing service from the Pirates.

When she was back to herself, Juliver told the PC’s of her narrow escape from a snake town, and the fact that there were still other people captured down there, including her boss Eando Kline. She was able to point the party to the location of the cave where she teleported to and emerged into the city.

The PC’s ventured to the place she described, but Juliver was unwilling to enter herself. The PC’s did notice a monkey/lizard looking face (ketch) peering out of the door, but did not know what to make of it. They entered the doors and immediately had to jump to avoid a statue pushed off of a ledge by a couple of the ketches. Six more of them appeared and were unable to escape due to a Black Tentacles spell Joe cast in the hallway. Though tough, they were no match for the overpowered heroes.

Following the right hallway, the PC’s came on their first obvious trap, that of a giant stone ball in a narrow hallway room and six cut outs in the wall to hide in. They cautiously tested the room, pushing the statues in the wall cut outs until Skank did not notice that he was nearing the pressure plate and stepped on it causing it to “click,” starting the giant ball rolling, and the door behind them to close. Skank and SWaD were able to push the statues out of the way and avoid the ball, but Nig and Joe were still at the end of the hall with their backs against the now closed door. Joe thought fast and summoned an earth elemental to try to stop the now flaming steel ball, but it hit him full on doing double damage before smacking into Nig and Joe, bouncing off of them and coming to a rest in the middle of the hallway.

After healing up and squeezing past the chemical covered ball, the PC’ proceeded to another room with a statue that was not a statue which came to life when they tried to open the giant doors on one side of the room. It knocked the PC’s around before falling to their super powers, and the party cautiously went into the next room. At this point the PC’s were overcome by the spores in this place, Joe especially, who became paranoid.

This large room had three paintings on it, one of the ancient jungle, one of the city of Saventh-Yhi, and the final one, a painting of this very room, with what looked to be a portal to another place painted there as well. Further exploration found the tiny shards of crystals that the PC’s assumed Juliver broke to cover her escape, and touching the painting of the room by Skank unleashed a devastating ray of holy fire engulfing everyone in the room except Skank. The PC’s also noted the location of other vaults on the map of the city.

When they could do no more in that room, the PC, continued searching the rest of the vault. They killed a giant slug before discovering a secret door which lead to a secret laboratory, with an even more concentrated amount of spores. Skank was overcome and Joe sank deeper into his madness. In this room the PC’s discovered an ancient tome bound in dragon leather which outlined the purpose of the vaults, and the ultimate fall of the Lost City. The priest Urschlar had engineered the spores from an extraplanar flower he found on one of his journeys. He began seeding the city with them which ultimately lead to everyone becoming crazy and killing each other and themselves. The book mentioned that there was in one of the vaults, the Argental Font, which had the power to cure people of all manner of disease and insanity.

The PC’s fought their way back out of the vault through a new race of Sabosan, (bat men). The PC’s came to the conclusion that they had been fighting the Ketch (monkey/lizards) for control of the vault. Skank and SWaD wanted to explore every inch of the vault, but Nig and Joe pleaded to go back the long way. An intelligence check revealed that the party must be close to the entrance, having made a large circle, but it was late in the day and the adventurers were tired. They explored another room at Skank’s insistence, which was not on the way out. The final room of Sabosan drained the remaining resources of the party to the point that they ran straight through the final room of Ketches, who stood on platforms and shot poisoned arrows at them as they ran the gauntlet.

Back in the safety of the camp, the sane and insane characters discussed their next move, how they would cope with their new madness, specifically how they could heal each other. SWaD wanted to wait in camp while her tomahawk was upgraded and Skank healed naturally, but Nig and Joe wanted to push ahead and stop the snake man menace before it grew too powerful, and rescue Eando Kline before it was too late…

11/18-29/4710 In Camp

Due to the paranoia in the party, half of the PC’s do not trust each other. This includes the party healer (Joe) who refuses to heal anyone but herself, and Skank who wouldn’t accept it anyway. There was much discussion about the unfairness of the gods at the situation and how this is just not right.

It was resolved that the PC’s will need to spend more time in camp healing naturally rather than magically. Nig in concerned about being able to save Eando in time and prevent the serpentfolk menace from surfacing, but he has no other alternative but to wait. The party decides to stay in camp for 12 days so that SWaD can get her axe and armor improved and Skank can heal fully.

While those two are biding their time, Nig asks around camp and the town about the spores and the vault. No one in camp knows anything, but Gelick says that Amivor may know more. Nig goes to meet him, and he is unable to add anything to what is already known, but is very interested in the journal they found in the first vault. For some reason, Nig does not want to sell it to them.

Nig then goes to the Radient Muse, who tells him that a necklace of adaptation may help some, but not much. It will definately not be worth the money to buy one outright, and probably wouldn’t be worth the amount to make one.

During this time, the PC’s will get one natural save versus the DC of their madness.


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