Serpent's Skull

12/17/10 Vault of Silence III: Pipes of Doom and Dark Chapel

Once again, the PC’s head back to vault of silence in an attempt to try to discover its secrets. They find one of them in the form of a secret door at an intersection of the hallway. However, they did not see the ward of weakness behind the door that SWaD set off, sucking between 4 and 8 points strength from each hero.

Then they came to another not so secret door. Behind the door was a pool of water. The PC’s took their time examining the pool for traps, tripwires, piranha, and the like. For the first time Nig even used his alchemy skill to determine if there was anything bad about the water, but was positive that it was just water. Everyone jumped into the pool, and Skank pulled out his water-walking ring and walked around on the top. When the PC’s found a door at the bottom of the pool, they were so excited that they searched the rest of the pool and found a wheel shaped valve and what appeared to be a drain at the bottom. Putting 2 and 2 together, they figured out that by turning the knob, they would let the water out.

Nig and Joe jumped out to the pool just in case some monsters or holy fire came out of the pool, while SWaD and Skank stayed in the bottom to turn the knob. When the knob turned, the water started draining out, but as the water went down, so did the ceiling at the same rate. Nig and Joe quickly jumped into the pool, but none of the PC’s were able to turn the valve to stop the water so they swam/waded to the door at the opposite end. They first tried to shove their way through, but were unsuccessful. As the water drained out and the ceiling came down, they started desperately hacking at the door with swords axes, and teeth but were unable to beat it down before the roof caved in. The PC’s all took enough damage to kill normal heroes, but were still alive. At this point they began hacking at the collapsed ceiling with their weapons, while Nig shot it with his bow. The weight of the ceiling continued to crush the air out of them, but eventually, the PC’s were able to destroy the ceiling, before becoming entombed in the pipes of doom trap.

Continuing on into the next chamber, the party came to a dark chapel where they found three fast dire tiger zombies who weren’t hard to hit, but packed a hard punch of their own. Their attacks were so powerful and unerring that SWaD took more damage than she could take and fell as a result of a critical zombie cat bite. As she was raging at the time of her swooning, her heart exploded and SWaD died, or at least appeared to die. However, through the sheer power of her heroism, she cheated death to only to end up being mostly dead.

The last room on this hall contained only the dried up corpse of a failed litch with a pretty knife, golden circlet, and wearing leopard skin underwear. Everyone was ready for the worst and surrounded his casket, with Joe going so far as to cast an archon who immediately cast a number of evil wards and anti evil spells. It all wound up being a false alarm as the old dead corpse was just that. His body and final resting place, like all the others, was not respected, and was promptly looted, with his possessions and heirlooms sold to the highest bidder. The PC’s attempt to appraise the leopard skin, but it is completely worthless to all save the most perverted.
With their resources completely used up again after the combination of the near fatal wounding of SWaD and the crushing blow of the pipes of doom ceiling, the party once again headed back to camp without finishing exploring the Vault of Silence.

12/16/10: Vault of Silence II Spectre Battle

The PC’s go back to the Vault of Silence, but this time do not stop at the gate. Instead the plunge headlong into the cliff wall not heeding the warning of the captured serpent man who told of the undead lurking within. In the first room, the PC’s find two sarcophagi, one opened, and one closed. When they open the closed one, a spectre popped out, touched SWaD, giving her two negative levels. The fun really heated up when 3 more spectres appeared out of the other three walls of the room, effectively trapping the PC’s in a close quarters fight, and began inappropriately touching the PC’s draining their life, health, and abilities. They were finally destroyed, but not before draining eight levels from SWaD and multiple levels from the others except Skank. The party was most demoralized by such a battle, having never experienced such damage.

In the crypt, the PC’s discover a shiny trident which turns out to be very valuable, so of course they sell it. They could not figure out what the snakes on the sides meant, and did not try to take it to anyone other than the Ruben Goldberg at the Pirate’s pawn shop back in camp. Of course he gave them the same price he always does for magic weapons.

With their negative levels almost totaling their positive levels, the PC’s decided to go back into camp and rest again. Once again, the PC’s demanded that faithful Jask heal them. Before the browbeaten black man can even say anything, the PC’s begin to make him feel guilty for the number of times that they have had to save him, and remind him of what a completely useless man he is other than his use as a healbot. Jask has begun to long for the sweet release that death will bring. Each morning when he wakes up and sees that the PC’s are still alive, he has to fight his willpower to kill himself.

12/15/10 Mud Vault II: Boss & Vault of Silence I: Entrance

The PC’s decided to go back to mud vault and finish searching it. Picking up where they left off, they found Khalid-Shah a muck shaitian and his two little ooze mephit friends. The mega PC’s swatted the mephitis like flies, but not before the bad guys were able to sicken a couple of the PC’s with their acid breath. Khalid lived in a mud swimming pool in the middle of his room. SWaD, not noticing that the mud in the pool was any different than the mud in the rest of the room, fell in as she approached. Khalid tried to turn the mud around her to stone, but she was able to move out of the way before it encased her. Skank fished out a ring of water walking and was able to move freely on top of the mud. Nig shot arrows and Joe summoned another deamon. The only notable thing about this fight was when Khalid managed to shove noxious mud into SWaD’s mouth. Before The PC’s could kill him, Khalid dove into the bottom of the mud. The PC’s healed up and dove for him, but at the bottom all they found was a stone floor with no treasure.

Disappointed and confused at what happened, the party went to the next room and there discovered the Argental Font. (queue angelic voices) Nig had an idea to take the waters from the font and keep them in bottles, but six seconds after taking the flasks of water, his alchemy skill told him that the waters had lost all their magic. There were no more rooms to explore so the heroes left and felt as though they missed something, (which they did).

Still feeling fresh, the party decided to go to the vault of silence. At the entrance in what was once known as the Garden of Contemplation, they come to an encampment of six Serpentfolk. A pitched battle ensued, as the snake men were able bring the fight to Nig and Joe who usually hide in the rear. Their blur ability also caused many, if not most of Nig’s arrows to miss. After three snake people were killed, the others tried to escape. Two were cut down mercilessly, but the third threw down his weapon and asked for mercy in one of the many languages that the PC’s have learned. The PC’s get little information from him other than he is looking for the crystals, he is not from a faction, but from a city Ilumera. He also tells them that his party was larger, but that they were cut down by dangerous undead in the vault. The PC’s ultimately let him go, to tell his people that the PC’s are coming. They even gave him a cure light wounds potion, but considering the state they left him (naked, almost dead), he will need more than blur and burning hands to survive more than a day or two in the jungle.

Drained of resources, the PC’s decide to return to camp rather than push on into the vault. Back in camp, faithful Jask heals them of their wounds, and is spit on and humiliated because he is a poor black man with a raspy accent.

In Camp 12/5-14/10)

The PC’s spent this time resting in camp, brooding over being cheated out of their fair share of treasure, having to spend what little treasure they did get on potions, consistently high enemy die rolls, being attacked, being damaged, being targeted, being eaten, Jask not helping them, the faction not helping them, the NPC’s not helping them, PC’s not being able to help each other, and no doubt many other unspoken, but long harbored sources of bitterness.

Mud Vault (12/3-4/10)


The PC’s spent this day resting and moving the supplies from the old camp to this one.


The PC’s started out looking for the next vault. While they were on their way, they noticed some giant winged gorillas in the sky. Nig was tempted to shoot at them, but did not and they flew away. Sloppy Joe felt as though he had seen them before.

When they arrived in the Mud Vault, the PC’s were attacked by a giant, walking Venus Fly Trap. Before it succumbed to the PC’s power, it managed to engulf both Skank and SWaD in two of its plant mouths, much to their controller’s frustration. At this point, all of the PC’s failed their insanity saves and either became paranoid or sank deeper into their insanity.
Further into the vault, the PC’s found an interesting staircase which fell apart and hurt them as they went down, but didn’t completely tear up.

The next hallway contained 3 feet of mud and 4 mephits. Many of the characters experienced a hallucination and thought the mud itself was attacking them causing them to run away from the horror. The mephitis wound up frustrating the party as well with their breath weapons and claw attacks.

The next room contained a mud elemental which almost proved too much for the super heroes. His extensive attack & damage power, mobility, damage resistance, and his ability to encase foes in mud, neutralized SWaD and dropped Skank outright. However Joe was able to use a combination of debuff spells to finally render the elemental helpless while Nig peppered it with barely harmful arrows that mostly appeared to just sink into his muddy body.

Out of resources, and unable to take any more damage, the PC’s decided to flee this vault for the safety of their new camp and lick their wounds for a couple of weeks. After climbing back up the stairs, the PC’s cut the chain that holds the staircase to the ceiling, allowing the whole thing to collapse, and deciding just to use a rope on when they return. Once outside, on their way back to camp, they noticed the strange, winged gorillas in the sky again. “What do they want?” Sloppy Joe again had a strange sense of déjà-vu and thought about having them find him a little dog to replace his scorpion.

Battle of the Aspis Camp (12/2/10)

The PC’s followed the trail left by the raiders, and discovered the Aspis Camp to have been moved to a new location and heavily fortified. The PC’s came up with an elaborate plan to use invisibility and summoned creatures to whittle down the multiple fighters before committing themselves to the fight, but in the end, when SWaD and Skank appeared in camp, all of the soldiers ran to them and were caught in Joe’s Black Tentacles spell. The rest of the fight was just a mop up and only consisted of killing the stray soldiers and the boss who finally got out. The two or three hits scored by the foes angered the PC’s who demanded that the DM stop using his favorite d20 due to the unprecedented high rolls it was producing. The DM continued rolling high with other, PC selected dice; going to show that perhaps the gods feel that the PC’s are overpowered for their level and feel they need more of a challenge.

The PC’s noted that when they killed the leader Ivo Haigan, he did not have any brain tissue, only a greenish fluid that leaked out of his eyes, nose, and ears when he died. Talking to the non combatants in the camp, the Super PC’s were told that Ivo came with his troops and took over the camp, killing the old leader Dargon Etters and began using the camp as a staging ground for attacking the other camps in the city.

After rescuing the prisoners and looting the camp, there was much discussion of what to do with the camp and the noncombatants. Skank was in favor of killing everyone and/or burning the place out like they did to the Pirate’s camp and villages in Vietnam. Nig suggested that the Pirates take over this place and move all the camp supplies here since it was fortified and undamaged.

Underwater Vault (12/1/10)

The PC’s wake up this morning eager to start looking for what lies ahead. This time, they ventured to the flooded vault. This one was relatively small in comparison to the other one having only 3 rooms, but it was almost completely underwater. The PC’s easily bombed out the piranha swarms they found from the safety of the shore, but the giant aquatic fey were a little more difficult. The only notable things found in this cave were the body of a pirate who previously found this place, and 3 blue crystals with Aslanti ruins matching those on the spear of abundance.

As the PC’s made their way back to camp, a woman (Karlen) and her wounded scout (Mufasan) almost ran into them in the jungle. They stated that they were running from the Aspis Consortium who had a large internal fight then had attacked the Pathfinder camp. While they were talking, a group of Aspis legionnaires attacked the PC’s and were defeated. When the PC’s returned to their camp, they found that it had been attacked while they were gone, and devastated. Many of the pirates lay slain with the tell tale black fletched crossbow bolts of the legionnaires, the rest had fled into the jungle. Also, all of the PC’s notable friends were missing, and presumed to have been taken prisoner. The PC’s used their potions along with one more night’s sleep to prep themselves for their rescue attempt tomorrow morning.

11/18-29/4710 In Camp

Due to the paranoia in the party, half of the PC’s do not trust each other. This includes the party healer (Joe) who refuses to heal anyone but herself, and Skank who wouldn’t accept it anyway. There was much discussion about the unfairness of the gods at the situation and how this is just not right.

It was resolved that the PC’s will need to spend more time in camp healing naturally rather than magically. Nig in concerned about being able to save Eando in time and prevent the serpentfolk menace from surfacing, but he has no other alternative but to wait. The party decides to stay in camp for 12 days so that SWaD can get her axe and armor improved and Skank can heal fully.

While those two are biding their time, Nig asks around camp and the town about the spores and the vault. No one in camp knows anything, but Gelick says that Amivor may know more. Nig goes to meet him, and he is unable to add anything to what is already known, but is very interested in the journal they found in the first vault. For some reason, Nig does not want to sell it to them.

Nig then goes to the Radient Muse, who tells him that a necklace of adaptation may help some, but not much. It will definately not be worth the money to buy one outright, and probably wouldn’t be worth the amount to make one.

During this time, the PC’s will get one natural save versus the DC of their madness.

11-17-4710 Into the Vaults

The PC’s awoke this morning and immediately set out to discover what happened to Juliver, whom Jask had physically healed, but who was unable help her mental condition. He did diagnose her with paranoia, and feeblemind. Lacking the power to cure her themselves, Skank selflessly volunteered to spend some of his own prestige to purchase the appropriate healing service from the Pirates.

When she was back to herself, Juliver told the PC’s of her narrow escape from a snake town, and the fact that there were still other people captured down there, including her boss Eando Kline. She was able to point the party to the location of the cave where she teleported to and emerged into the city.

The PC’s ventured to the place she described, but Juliver was unwilling to enter herself. The PC’s did notice a monkey/lizard looking face (ketch) peering out of the door, but did not know what to make of it. They entered the doors and immediately had to jump to avoid a statue pushed off of a ledge by a couple of the ketches. Six more of them appeared and were unable to escape due to a Black Tentacles spell Joe cast in the hallway. Though tough, they were no match for the overpowered heroes.

Following the right hallway, the PC’s came on their first obvious trap, that of a giant stone ball in a narrow hallway room and six cut outs in the wall to hide in. They cautiously tested the room, pushing the statues in the wall cut outs until Skank did not notice that he was nearing the pressure plate and stepped on it causing it to “click,” starting the giant ball rolling, and the door behind them to close. Skank and SWaD were able to push the statues out of the way and avoid the ball, but Nig and Joe were still at the end of the hall with their backs against the now closed door. Joe thought fast and summoned an earth elemental to try to stop the now flaming steel ball, but it hit him full on doing double damage before smacking into Nig and Joe, bouncing off of them and coming to a rest in the middle of the hallway.

After healing up and squeezing past the chemical covered ball, the PC’ proceeded to another room with a statue that was not a statue which came to life when they tried to open the giant doors on one side of the room. It knocked the PC’s around before falling to their super powers, and the party cautiously went into the next room. At this point the PC’s were overcome by the spores in this place, Joe especially, who became paranoid.

This large room had three paintings on it, one of the ancient jungle, one of the city of Saventh-Yhi, and the final one, a painting of this very room, with what looked to be a portal to another place painted there as well. Further exploration found the tiny shards of crystals that the PC’s assumed Juliver broke to cover her escape, and touching the painting of the room by Skank unleashed a devastating ray of holy fire engulfing everyone in the room except Skank. The PC’s also noted the location of other vaults on the map of the city.

When they could do no more in that room, the PC, continued searching the rest of the vault. They killed a giant slug before discovering a secret door which lead to a secret laboratory, with an even more concentrated amount of spores. Skank was overcome and Joe sank deeper into his madness. In this room the PC’s discovered an ancient tome bound in dragon leather which outlined the purpose of the vaults, and the ultimate fall of the Lost City. The priest Urschlar had engineered the spores from an extraplanar flower he found on one of his journeys. He began seeding the city with them which ultimately lead to everyone becoming crazy and killing each other and themselves. The book mentioned that there was in one of the vaults, the Argental Font, which had the power to cure people of all manner of disease and insanity.

The PC’s fought their way back out of the vault through a new race of Sabosan, (bat men). The PC’s came to the conclusion that they had been fighting the Ketch (monkey/lizards) for control of the vault. Skank and SWaD wanted to explore every inch of the vault, but Nig and Joe pleaded to go back the long way. An intelligence check revealed that the party must be close to the entrance, having made a large circle, but it was late in the day and the adventurers were tired. They explored another room at Skank’s insistence, which was not on the way out. The final room of Sabosan drained the remaining resources of the party to the point that they ran straight through the final room of Ketches, who stood on platforms and shot poisoned arrows at them as they ran the gauntlet.

Back in the safety of the camp, the sane and insane characters discussed their next move, how they would cope with their new madness, specifically how they could heal each other. SWaD wanted to wait in camp while her tomahawk was upgraded and Skank healed naturally, but Nig and Joe wanted to push ahead and stop the snake man menace before it grew too powerful, and rescue Eando Kline before it was too late…

Lost City Day 69

The Lost city of Saventh-Yhi is finally discovered, by the Pirates, lead by the 5 over powered PC’s. Here is a recap of the final conflicts.

After waiting a number of days in camp for items to be crafted and to come back from civilisation, the PC’s decided to go back in the city in finish it up. At this point in the adventure, the PC’s were very confident in their superpowers. The plunged headlong into the swamp district, where they discovered a shaman’s hut with a magical effigy to keep the vampire monkey away. They left it alone, and were disappointed not to find any real treasure in the primitive hut. Wanting to cut to the chase, they moved directly to the spear where they were unable to commuincate with the boggard boss Garluu. He got upset that the PC’s invaded his place, and attacked, however, before he was able to attack, the boggard was hurt so bad that he threw down his weapons and surrendered. The PC’s took his magic weapon and armor, and that of his lieutenants. They were humiliated, and mad, but could do nothing in their impotent rage.

The PC’s found the vampire thing, which wound up giving SWaD bubonic plague and multiple negative levels. Nig and Jo noticed a frog hopping away and caught it in a jar. Rather than going back to camp, the party went to another ziggurat where they asked a mist in a jar too many questions which released a demon which was resistant to everything except Eastwood’s sword. After killing him, the party went to the district’s algey lake where they fought a froghemeth. This quickly dropped Eastwood, but didn’t have the hit points to stay in the fight long enough to take anyone else out.

After this beating, the group went back to camp, and decided to explore the artisan district, even though there was no in game reason for doing so. They met up with a patrol, and SWaD was very rude to them. They went back to tell their boss, who sought them out. They noticed her power and that of her second in command, and were more polite to her. The PC’s attempted to forge an alliance with her and she asked them to perform a work of art. No matter whether they sang, danced, or recited a story, the muse was not impressed and said they would be allied if they killed the vampire thing. Since the PC’s already did that, all was well.

It was back to camp to level up and two things happened. The camp was attacked by a mummy and some low level undead, and a crazy, almost dead, half-elf stumbled into camp. The PC’s wound up curing all of her illnesses, and she told them that she came to the lost city from underground where she was exploring with Eando Kline. A tribesman from the artisan district showed up and said that a undead serpentfolk had moved in the old haunted house, and asked if the PC’s could clear him out. Juliver confirmed that he was the one chasing her out of the tunnel.

The PC’s rushed into battle with Sozothala and he promptly cast black tenticales on them. Miraculously Nig and Sloppy Jo were able to get out Jo wound up having to cast two black tenticlaes in order to catch Sozothala, while Nig bombed the lesser undeads. The two casters finished off the boss with lightening and arrows, while all the fighters remained stuck for the entire battle which will forever be known as the battle of the Black Tentacles.


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