Mantis Blade

Intelligent Red Mantis Sword

weapon (melee)

This Mantis blade is a +2 axiomatic sawtooth sabre made of red chitin that forms a curved serrated balde. It grants the weilder the ability to make a 1d6 sneak attack. This stacks with any rogue sneak attacks the character might have.

When a creature it wounded by the blade, the weilder can activate the sword’s bane ability that lasts for 10 minutes. This can be done once per day.

A Red Mantis assassin with the blade gets +2DC for their prayer attack and may use their red shroud and faiding abilities one additional time each day.

The balde can be destroyed by a successful sunder maneuver after it has slayed 9 rightful ruling monarchs.

Alignment: LE
EGO 16
Senses: vision & hearing 60ft
Int 10
Wis 12
Cha 14
Communication: Telepathy
Special Purpose: Slay all
Spell-Like Abilities: (CL 20, concentration +22)
3/day – alter self, darkness, spider climb, truestrike
1/day – clairaudience/clairvoyance, deeper darkness, dimension door, greater invisibility

This item is priceless and cannot be further upgraded.


When the PC’s won this blade off of Lessikal in the Lost City, the Red Mantis came and proposed that they sell the blade for 50,000gp. The PC’s took the price without haggling. However, the new leader, Guiteau would have given them MUCH more. In fact if the PC’s had won some diplomacy checks, Guiteau would have given them up to 200,000gp all their research and either left the city or allied with them.

If you bother reading this, you need to haggle. Never accept the first offer.

Mantis Blade

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