This guy was great. An old wizard caught this demon and banished him to a jar, then put the jar on top of a Ziggurat. For some reason he worked into the spell that if the demon was asked 101 questions then he would be free. The Boggards in the Farming district treated him as an oracle as he invited their questions. When the PC’s found him, he had been asked 99 questions. Of course he invited them to ask him anything saying that he knew all kinds of stuff about this place. Skank wound up asking him who he was and why he was in there. He lied about his name, then shouted a profanity as he was released from his prison on the second.

This guy was immune to almost everything the party had except Eastwood’s holy sword.

He wound up being cut down easily, but not before he swatted Jo’s blessing off Skank when he tried to move around for a sneak attack. Muahahahaha.



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