Sasha Nevah

red haired ranger with 9 fingers


Sasha was originally shipwrecked with the PC’s on the Shiv. Prior to that, she was a member of the Red Mantis. Her mother was/is a very high ranking member of them. After Sasha expressed interest in leaving the group, her mother had one of her fingers cut off to as a reminder that she could never return.

On the island, she was not impressed with Skank’s (then acting as Lord Butwipe) drug induced attempts to garner her friendship. She ran off on her own not long after the PC’s arrived.

The PC’s discovered her under attack from some flying dinosaurs, and fought them off for her. Her favor was ultimately won, when Stroker climed down a cliff and got her a baby flying dinosaur egg.

After she got off the island, Sasha returned to the Red Mantis society. She tried to the the PC’s to join, but they were not interested in the poison that the Mantises offered.

On the 44th day the PC’s were in the lost city, Sasha stumbled into their camp sick and hurt.


Sasha Nevah

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