Radient Muse


The Radient Muse lives in the Artisan district, and has the upper body of a naked woman, with two white wings, and the lower body of a big snake. She also has a nice bow and some interesting spells. She loves art and culture, although the centuries hav not been good for her sanity.

When she meets the PC’s she offers them an alliance if they will entertain her with a performance. None of them are even capible of that at all. So she gives them a quest to kill the Vrykolakas which they have already done so everyone is happy.

Nig lusted after the Muse’s bow until he figured out that his was better. Skank thought about killing everyone anyway just to get the experience and loot. If the PC’s had decided on that course of action, the muse and her minions would have proved too much for her and she would have had the PC’s entertain her until she grew board with them.


Radient Muse

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