Old crazy cleric of Gozreh


Nkechi or “Old Balls” served as a guide for the PC’s on their journey from Eledar to the outpost of Tarazon. Before joining the PC’s, Old Balls lived in a cave on a cliff overlooking the sea. He made the PC’s go on two different recovery quests before he felt they were worthy of his help.

Nkechi became the party’s primary healer after Libne was eaten by a helpful tribe of cannibals. Though he refused to fight, Nkechi would heal group members in place of Libne while he was alive and after his death and occasionally, though ineffectually throw his trident. He did not make it to Tarazon as he was repeatedly stabbed by a summoned babau deamon who then bit his head off. Unable to sustain such damage, Old Balls joined his pagan god and has possessed Nig’s stink bombs by making his face appear in the fog. Old Balls was reviled by the party and his body was left to rot, however the three spirit dancers gave him a decent burial on a little rise above their river.



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