Nightmare Dancer

Giant Spider with magic, dreamy webs and a nasty bite


The Nightmare Dancer was a huge dream spider that lived in a plaza of the Farming District of Saventh-Yhi. Though she was in her lair when the PC’s approached, strands of her web crisscorssed the plaza. In order to rouse the beast from her home, Nigredo touched one of the webs which immediately caused him to experience strange hallucinations and damaged his wisdom.

The giant spider did feel the disturbance to her web and came forth to battle the intruders. Eastwood and Stands rushed forward through the strands taking more wisdom damage and before the giant spider was killed, both of them had succumed to the spider’s poison and were paralized for hours.

In an attempt to clear some of the web so that the two fallen warriors could be more easily removed, Nigredo decided to burn the web with his fire breath. This released a cloud of gas which gave everyone a psychodelic trip, but further damaged their wisdom.


Nightmare Dancer

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