Nardeem Daress

Ancient Pathfinder Orc Ghost


Nardeem was the last surviver of an ill fated Pathfinder Jungle expedition. When the main party was attacked, he lead some survivors away from the fighting. They stumbled around in the jungle until they found the entrance to the City of Saventh-Yhi. Nardeem had plans to kill the remaining party members and take the glory of the discovery for himself. However, a ginat swarm of ants killed everyone.

When the PC’s found him, he attacked with his currupting touch and his aura of ants that remians in and around him. After they defeated him, the PC’s discovered Nardeem’s journal and a ring which worked with the spears in the city.

Nardeem’s ghost still haunts the place where he died claiming that he is the rightful discoverer of the city.


Nardeem Daress

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