Libne Orcgrinder

Inept Dwarf Cleric


Though not stated in his bio, Libne was an alcoholic dwarf. As soon as he landed on Smuggler’s Shiv, he had some toes bitten off by a lobster thing. Libne progressed normally through the island’s adventure, and he understood his role as a healer, however he interpreted that role to mean that he would immediately run up to the main boss and absorb the damage instead of the other members of the party. Often times he would drop. He also preferred to use nonrenewable potions rather than his spells or channel ability.

After the fight with the gorilla-bears, Libne ate some porridge from the village containing crushed up glass. He surprisingly though repeatedly failed his fortitude saves as the glass tore through his stomach and intestines. Though bleeding profusely out his anus, his corpse made a fine meal for the villagers that he helped save. Most of Libne was digested and shitted out, however some of his more interesting bones were made into jewelry and sold to travelers. The rest were fed to the dogs.

The only son of wealthy gem hunters, Libne Orcgrinder rejected his parent’s fortune hunting ways. He finds the pursuit of wealth and possessions boring and is convinced that there is a more logical path for himself out in the world. He still retains a good relationship with his parents and home village. An avid student of the ancient gods from an early age, the young cleric-to-be was drawn to the power of Calistria. From Calistria he learned that lying isn’t really lying if no one gets hurt and no one gets caught; if everyone is content at the end of the day, what’s the harm? The goddess has also instilled in Libne the philosophy that revenge is not only just but fair, and should be carried out meticulously so as to ensure proper balance in life. To Libne a balanced world is an ideal world. After leaving his home village at the young age of 35, Libne eventually settled in the township of Quent, located in The Shackles. He found a job working at The House Of Stolen Kisses, a brothel in Quent which houses the Sacred Prostitutes of Calstria. His duties as in-house healer were to cure the girls of any “bugs” they may pick up from the traveling “worshipers” as well as any naturally occurring sickness or injury. Libne meets and gains a certain type of affection for one of the working girls. She is of the Bonuwat sect of the Mwangi and her name is Thuvia. Since the women in the House of Stolen Kisses are “sacred”, they keep their relationship a secret. Luvia tells Libne about the sun-god Walkina and the Mwangi struggle for independence. Luvia is a spy for the Bonuwat, on a mission to gain information on any weaknesses in the Sargave infrastructure. A prostitute meets many travelers willing to spill a few secrets. The cleric decides that his talent in deception, not to mention his knack for logic, could help Luvia out in her mission. He feels that since she is a servant of Calistria just like him, that this could only put him in greater favor of the goddess. It also gives him a sense of dutiful revenge to throw out the oppressive regime that has plagued his lady-friend’s people. Libne boards the Jenivere on it’s way to Sargava with a backpack and a mission…

Libne Orcgrinder

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