Cleric/Fighter Boss of the Temple District


The PC’s first encounted Lessikal during their attack on the Red Mantis camp. During the battle, Lessikal came to reinforce the Red Mantis before they were defeated by the pirates. This proved to be too much for the pirates who retreated forcing the PC’s to do the same. As they ran from the camp like scared rabbits, Skank heard Lessikal lead the rest of the lizard-like humanoids in a hardy round of laughter.

The PC’s eventually returned to the Temple District, and encountered Lessikal at the base of the temple there. This time, he had 6 of his priests and his two pet Allosaurses with him. Beween their bite attacks, Lessikal’s sword, and the priests’ negative energy; Skank and Eastwood were KILLED, and the rest of the party was hurt to the point that Nig resroted to feeding Sloppy Jo a heal potion, to keep the same from happening to him.

PC’s recovered the Mantis Blade and the Brass Key off of Lessikal’s corpse.



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