Old Black Cleric


Jask is a Cleric to Nethys. He was arrested and shipwrecked with the PC’s on the Shiv. After being freed and his innocence discovered, he became very friendly with the PC’s and helped heal them when Libnie would not.

After being rescued from the island, Jask brought his evidence to the Sargavarian government and was recruited to join their expedition to the lost city. During the government’s assault on the Military district, Jask was captured and forced to fight in an arena. He was rescued by the PC’s again and is currently working in their camp. Working, means being the party healer each day when the PC’s return to camp because no one wants to be a cleric.

“Thanks Jask. We sure are glad you aren’t dead yet.”

While the PC’s were in camp, they noticed that Jask disappeared for 4 days. When he returned, he had a patch over his eye. He did not have any memory of what happened and the PC’s didn’t really ask him many questions.


Because of his black skin and the fact that he has also been enslaved, Jask is really fond of Nig.

Favorite quote, “Uuuugh, I’m gettin’ to ol’ fo’ dis shii!”

However, the PC’s repeatedly treat him with contempt and scorn. This is in part to their racial attitudes, or Jask’s inability to level up and become a more powerful cleric.


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