Mexican/Japanese rogue


Ishirou was one of the NPC’s who was stranded on Smuggler’s Shiv with the players. Early in his life he started working with the Aspis Consortium. Ishirou is a collector of maps, and one of his maps lead the PC’s to an ill fated treasure pit where there was much weeping and nashing of teeth before the treasure was recovered.

Once off the island, Ishirou went back to the only work he knew in an attempt to start his life over. His attempts to get the PC’s to join the Consortium were ultimately unsuccessful. It is assumed that he joined the Consortium’s expedition to Saventh-Yhi as he had first hand information about what was found on the island.

It would seem logical that Ishirou wound up going with the Consortium, as the PC’s found his chewed up remains and his one of a kind masterwork sword in the layer of the Chimera in the Mercantile District. Even though Ishirou came to be friends with the PC’s, none of them bothered to bury his remains, and they wound up selling his sword to the pirates for half it’s value.


Ishirou was most fond of Jari, and did not like Libe at all. Now all three of them are dead, hating each other in Hell.


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