Iiam Jakinette

Warrior who didn't remember who he was


Iiam Jakinette or Stroker as he called himself was a warrior who refused to take up a weapon in favor of using his fists. He suffered major head trama in the initial shipwreck on Smuggler’s Shiv, and as a result, did not remember anything about his skills or past.

His participation in the party was sporatic at best. Though he finally recovered his memory, Stroker wound up staying with the main expedition as the PC’s went forward, only to fall behind the caravan and wander aimlessly into the Screaming Jungle where he was eventually eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Iiam has no final resting place as he was digested into a pile of dino… dino… droppings?


Story of Stroker (iiam Jackinett)
Iiam is the wealthy heir of a rubber plantation owner formerly located in Sargava. Much of the riches of his family have diminished however, and iiam’s father has convinced him that if they could rebuild the plantation at its original location, that honey would flow once more and the coffers of the Jackinett family would be replenished. Thus, iiam boarded the Jenivere in Chilax and plans to procede to Sargava to scout the land for a suitable plot to survey and begin the process of rebuilding.
While preparing for Sargava, Iiam trained diligently in the art of being a free hand fighter. His great uncle, a successful brawler and ruffian taught him everything he could, however iiam lacked one thing…experience. When sparring, iiam tended to avoid clashing with his opponent instead of engaging confidently. He ducked, dodged and weaved his way through a fight and fretted more than anything about getting hit in the face. Time passed however and it was time for Iiam to leave, trained fully or not.
After boarding the Jenivere, iiam settled into a bunk in the lower quarters of the ship and dozed off to sleep. Strangely, the moment he awoke, his vision had gone to black and he was clueless as to when or where he was. He stood flailing his arms about and screaming in vain. Some of the other passengers were disturbed by this display but chalked it up to the sea and cramped quarters driving him mad. Moments later, his vision returned but his brain was still clouded from any memory before boarding the Jenivere. He knew at once that he’d best keep his wits about him else they may throw him overboard in fear that he had contracted some disease or would be a general danger to everyone. He went day after day straining to remember…but nothing.

Iiam Jakinette

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