Huge half fiend advanced dire ape


Grugonoth (huge gorilla abberation) was once the ruler of the military district until Olujimi moved in and turned him to stone and had him buried. Just prior to Saventh-Yhi’s discovery, his statue was unearthed and placed on top of the Ziggurat. When Olujimi was defeated by the PC’s the first time, he sought healing from his monkey cleric, and was going to have her turn Grugonoth back to flesh, but was distracted by the invasion of the Sargarvian Govenrment.

Once their forces were repulsed, Olujimi had Grugonoth brought back to life, and then dominated him to find and attack his new enemies, the PC’s. Grugonoth found the PC’s poking around in a shack on his island, and started attacking by casting Blasphemy, which the PC’s were able to save against, but still weakened them. Grugonoth eventually went down, and the PC’s drained his blood for use on the spear. They destroyed his corpse so that it could not be used for spear activation or any other purpose.



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