Gelick Aberwhinge

Annoyingly funny gnome bard


Gelick was a gnome bard on that was stranded with the PC’s on Smuggler’s Shiv. He initially did not trust the PC’s, but was convinced that they good when they found information about a wrecked Pathfinder ship. With this information, Gelick hoped that he would be able to get back into the good graces of the group after they kicked him out due to his ‘indiscretions’.

Gelick was eventually rescued with the PC’s and returned to the Pathfinders. He was allowed to go on their latest expedition to the lost city. While there, Gelick was seduced by Egzimora who took him to her house and tied him up in her basement where she tortured him in an attempt to turn him into a plant man.

The PC’s found and rescued Gelick before Egzimora was able to convert him or he died. As a result of his rescue, Gelick rejoined the PC’s in their camp where he currently works.


Gelick Aberwhinge

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