Gbala was a skinless terkow vampire rogue. When he enountered the heros, he uttered the word ‘skins’ then orders his unseen minions to surround the party. The fact that Gbala was a twelfth level rogue in addition to his awesome damage resistance, spell resistance, and resistance to all the elements made him very hard to hit and/or damage, that in addition to the fact that his rogue abilities prevented him from being flanked by lesser rogues. His attacks were equally as powerful, draining 2 levels per each successful attack in addition to regular melee damage.

A pitched battle insued, but in under a minute, Gbala and his two undead minions had killed the entire party. Afterwards Gbala skinned the heroes Jame Grumb style, and took over the lost city with the newly undead PC’s who arose as skinless terkow.

In an alternate reality, Gbala was killed by the PC’s and the above instances never came to pass.



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