Captain Avret Kinkarian

Pirate Ghost on Smuggler's Shiv


The ghost of Captain Kinkarian wandered the beaches of Smuggler’s Shiv and the wreck of his ship, the Brine Demon. He was in love with a half elf woman named Aeshamara, but died before he could be with her. His restless spirit only wanted to hold the locket that contained her picture and he would be at peace.

The PC’s found the locket on the wreck of the Brine Demon and that night Captain Kinkarian’s ghost appeared in the flames as he was drawn to the locket, repeated the word, “Aeshamara.” Since the PC’s never opened the locket, they had no idea what he was talking about. The ghost, knowing that these people had stolen his only meaning in unlife attacked.

The PC’s eventually defeated him, but being a ghost, he came back 1d4 days later and the scene was repeated. After multiple appearences, the PC’s finally figured out what he wanted and gave it to him. Finally his pirate soul is at rest.


Captain Avret Kinkarian

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