Serpent's Skull

Mud Vault (12/3-4/10)


The PC’s spent this day resting and moving the supplies from the old camp to this one.


The PC’s started out looking for the next vault. While they were on their way, they noticed some giant winged gorillas in the sky. Nig was tempted to shoot at them, but did not and they flew away. Sloppy Joe felt as though he had seen them before.

When they arrived in the Mud Vault, the PC’s were attacked by a giant, walking Venus Fly Trap. Before it succumbed to the PC’s power, it managed to engulf both Skank and SWaD in two of its plant mouths, much to their controller’s frustration. At this point, all of the PC’s failed their insanity saves and either became paranoid or sank deeper into their insanity.
Further into the vault, the PC’s found an interesting staircase which fell apart and hurt them as they went down, but didn’t completely tear up.

The next hallway contained 3 feet of mud and 4 mephits. Many of the characters experienced a hallucination and thought the mud itself was attacking them causing them to run away from the horror. The mephitis wound up frustrating the party as well with their breath weapons and claw attacks.

The next room contained a mud elemental which almost proved too much for the super heroes. His extensive attack & damage power, mobility, damage resistance, and his ability to encase foes in mud, neutralized SWaD and dropped Skank outright. However Joe was able to use a combination of debuff spells to finally render the elemental helpless while Nig peppered it with barely harmful arrows that mostly appeared to just sink into his muddy body.

Out of resources, and unable to take any more damage, the PC’s decided to flee this vault for the safety of their new camp and lick their wounds for a couple of weeks. After climbing back up the stairs, the PC’s cut the chain that holds the staircase to the ceiling, allowing the whole thing to collapse, and deciding just to use a rope on when they return. Once outside, on their way back to camp, they noticed the strange, winged gorillas in the sky again. “What do they want?” Sloppy Joe again had a strange sense of déjà-vu and thought about having them find him a little dog to replace his scorpion.



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