Serpent's Skull

12/20/10 Verdant Refuge I

The PC’s headed to their next vault, the Verdant Refuge.

Prior to entering, the PC’s discovered the remains of two camels though they could not determine the significance of the find. After entering, all the PC’s save SWaD are overcome by the midnight spores.

In their first room, the PC’s encountered four thorny cave lions who had the appearance of great cats, but were made of leaves and sticks. In fact they have extra long thorns which caused a lot of damage to PC’s who scored hits on the cats. They were easily dispatched, and the PC’s found some old boxes belonging to the infamous dwarven explorer, Eggra Kraggorach. They figured that the camel remains were hers.

The next chamber, in addition to having enough spores for everyone to make an additional save against insanity (which Nig failed), contained six bastiloids. They released hallucinating gasses which eventually overtook everyone causing each of them to believe all manner of strange things. The most debilitating vision was Joe’s who believed that his knife, which took Skank months of convincing for him to have it out, was now a snake. Joe dropped the dagger and ran away from it until the fight was over. Nig was eventually able to overcome his hallucination and started bombing the otherwise weak plants. SWaD finished off what is left of the plants, and Joe eventually made his way back. However, he continues to harbor many second thoughts about utilizing his snake-knife.

The next room contained a brazier which Skank eventually recognized as a trap, and was able to disable. In the following cavern, the PC’s encountered 8 death cap jumpers (jumping mushrooms). Those in the front jumped at SWaD who had pretty much blocked the tunnel. As they jumped, she was able to take an attack of opportunity to damage them. Nig heaved a turn full of bombs at those gathered around SWaD, killing one and wounding the rest. SWaD charged down the hallway knocking over all but one of the fungi like so many bolling pins. The rest of the fight was just a mop up.

The room contained giant fungi derived from the toxic spores. The PC’s were able to determine how to use these as a weekly pick me up to help combat the spore’s abilities. However they spat on the new found knowledge, and elected to continue relying on Nig’s potions for their succor.
Due to everyone being insane, and some characters doubly so, the PC’s decide to spend the next five days in camp.



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