Serpent's Skull

12/19/10 Back to the Mud Vault

After committing his spells to memory, Joe casted a divination spell. Suddenly the ghost of Jari appeared and it looked Joe as though Jari doesn’t realize that he has been summoned due to the fact that he continually talked/argued with his sword about all manner of topics from ziggurats to rectal temperature of sloths. Tired of waiting for a break in the conversation, Joe interjected his question and asked ‘where does the party need to look for the focusing crystals they did not find in the mud vault’. Jari turned to Joe with a look as though he noticed the witch for the first time, then shoved his sword into his abdomen, and answered, “the Hujurat of Khalid-Sha”. Upon answering the question, Jari takes the sword out of his stomach and continues arguing about the effectiveness of Libnie until Jari. The PC’s immediately knew where Jari was talking about, and headed back to where they failed to defeat the mud-shaitian in his lair.

Upon entering the mud vault, Joe and SWaD became paranoid, and Nig decided to help SWaD this time. The group searched all around in the mud pool and through a constant detect magic spell, determined that there was something under the floor of the pool. Joe recognized the rock bottom as a wall of stone, and SWaD commenced to destroying it. At the bottom they found the remains of Urshalar Vohkavi, his gear, and the focusing crystals from this vault. The PC’s surmised that Khalid must have cast the wall after diving into the mud, but could only guess what happened to him after that.

When they came out of the mud vault, the characters were confronted by five giant winged gorillas, with giant swords. The quickest one shouted “lets fight” and attacked the PC’s. Joe tried to ask the gorillas why they were so intent on fighting, but they paid him no heed. While the brutes were able to significantly damage SWaD with their giant blades, the flying monkeys were cut down easily in turn, though one did manage to escape and fly away.

Unable to cure Joe’s insanity from the vault, the characters quickly head back to camp for another night.



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