Serpent's Skull

12/18/10 Vault of Silence IV: Gbala TPK/Alternate Reality

The heroes venture back into the Vault of Silence. They take the left at the intersection where they first discovered the secret door, and Skank notices that the first room they come to is trapped in such a way that stepping on the floor will cause pendulum blades to fall from the ceiling and darts to shoot out from the walls. He uses his flight ability to fly up to the ceiling and disable it.

In the next room the PC’s encounter a skinless terkow vampire named Gbala. He utters the word ‘skins’ then orders his unseen minions to surround the party. The fact that Gbala is a twelfth level rogue in addition to his awesome damage resistance, spell resistance, and resistance to all the elements made him very hard to hit and/or damage, that in addition to the fact that his rogue abilities prevented him from being flanked by Skank made him a very powerful opponent. His attacks were equally as powerful, draining 2 levels per each successful attack in addition to regular melee damage.

Gbala was nearing death when his two rawbones companions arrived in the chamber, sporting a 20ft aura of nasty stench that nauseated everyone and a vomit attack that damaged all in a 30ft cone with the gory contents of their rotten stomachs. SWaD was quickly reduced by multiple negative levels from Gbala by the time the rawbones appeared. Nig gave the order to run, but by then it was too late. In their nauseated condition, the party was only able to make one move action per round. The rawbones, under the control of Gbala, hemmed the party in and allowed Gbala to make the killing blow on each hero. He promptly skinned all the PC’s and proudly wore the skins until they rotted away. His favorite hide was from SWaD whose skin was significantly thicker and heavier than the rest. He made four skullcaps from each of her meaty breasts. Twenty four hours after the PC’s died, they arose as powerful terkow themselves. However, they were enthralled to Gbala with no free will of their own. With his new, powerful super-slaves, Gbala gradually wiped out each expedition in the Lost City and established himself as the king of Saventh-Yhi. Perhaps some powerful adventurers could one day come back and defeat King Gbala and his slaves, before his terror spreads beyond the bounds of the jungle.

At the very same time in an alternate universe, as the PC’s were running away from Gbala and the rawbones, they were suddenly cured of their nausea and all of their negative levels. They also found that the rawbones no longer smelled bad at all, and Gbala had lost his ability to bestow negative levels on anyone. Wondering what he had done to anger the gods, Gbala and his minions fought valiantly with the abilities that remained to them, but in the end were wiped out by the heroes.

The PC’s searched the rooms and bodies of the dead and found the usual treasure along with some more focusing crystals of a different style. Nig put two and two together and realized that while they found crystals in this vault and the submerged vault, they did not find any in the mud vault. He suggested that the party search that area again. Joe decided to cast a divination spell on the next day to further guide them in their quest.
After this the PC’s limp back to camp and heal up.



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