Serpent's Skull

12/17/10 Vault of Silence III: Pipes of Doom and Dark Chapel

Once again, the PC’s head back to vault of silence in an attempt to try to discover its secrets. They find one of them in the form of a secret door at an intersection of the hallway. However, they did not see the ward of weakness behind the door that SWaD set off, sucking between 4 and 8 points strength from each hero.

Then they came to another not so secret door. Behind the door was a pool of water. The PC’s took their time examining the pool for traps, tripwires, piranha, and the like. For the first time Nig even used his alchemy skill to determine if there was anything bad about the water, but was positive that it was just water. Everyone jumped into the pool, and Skank pulled out his water-walking ring and walked around on the top. When the PC’s found a door at the bottom of the pool, they were so excited that they searched the rest of the pool and found a wheel shaped valve and what appeared to be a drain at the bottom. Putting 2 and 2 together, they figured out that by turning the knob, they would let the water out.

Nig and Joe jumped out to the pool just in case some monsters or holy fire came out of the pool, while SWaD and Skank stayed in the bottom to turn the knob. When the knob turned, the water started draining out, but as the water went down, so did the ceiling at the same rate. Nig and Joe quickly jumped into the pool, but none of the PC’s were able to turn the valve to stop the water so they swam/waded to the door at the opposite end. They first tried to shove their way through, but were unsuccessful. As the water drained out and the ceiling came down, they started desperately hacking at the door with swords axes, and teeth but were unable to beat it down before the roof caved in. The PC’s all took enough damage to kill normal heroes, but were still alive. At this point they began hacking at the collapsed ceiling with their weapons, while Nig shot it with his bow. The weight of the ceiling continued to crush the air out of them, but eventually, the PC’s were able to destroy the ceiling, before becoming entombed in the pipes of doom trap.

Continuing on into the next chamber, the party came to a dark chapel where they found three fast dire tiger zombies who weren’t hard to hit, but packed a hard punch of their own. Their attacks were so powerful and unerring that SWaD took more damage than she could take and fell as a result of a critical zombie cat bite. As she was raging at the time of her swooning, her heart exploded and SWaD died, or at least appeared to die. However, through the sheer power of her heroism, she cheated death to only to end up being mostly dead.

The last room on this hall contained only the dried up corpse of a failed litch with a pretty knife, golden circlet, and wearing leopard skin underwear. Everyone was ready for the worst and surrounded his casket, with Joe going so far as to cast an archon who immediately cast a number of evil wards and anti evil spells. It all wound up being a false alarm as the old dead corpse was just that. His body and final resting place, like all the others, was not respected, and was promptly looted, with his possessions and heirlooms sold to the highest bidder. The PC’s attempt to appraise the leopard skin, but it is completely worthless to all save the most perverted.
With their resources completely used up again after the combination of the near fatal wounding of SWaD and the crushing blow of the pipes of doom ceiling, the party once again headed back to camp without finishing exploring the Vault of Silence.



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