Serpent's Skull

12/16/10: Vault of Silence II Spectre Battle

The PC’s go back to the Vault of Silence, but this time do not stop at the gate. Instead the plunge headlong into the cliff wall not heeding the warning of the captured serpent man who told of the undead lurking within. In the first room, the PC’s find two sarcophagi, one opened, and one closed. When they open the closed one, a spectre popped out, touched SWaD, giving her two negative levels. The fun really heated up when 3 more spectres appeared out of the other three walls of the room, effectively trapping the PC’s in a close quarters fight, and began inappropriately touching the PC’s draining their life, health, and abilities. They were finally destroyed, but not before draining eight levels from SWaD and multiple levels from the others except Skank. The party was most demoralized by such a battle, having never experienced such damage.

In the crypt, the PC’s discover a shiny trident which turns out to be very valuable, so of course they sell it. They could not figure out what the snakes on the sides meant, and did not try to take it to anyone other than the Ruben Goldberg at the Pirate’s pawn shop back in camp. Of course he gave them the same price he always does for magic weapons.

With their negative levels almost totaling their positive levels, the PC’s decided to go back into camp and rest again. Once again, the PC’s demanded that faithful Jask heal them. Before the browbeaten black man can even say anything, the PC’s begin to make him feel guilty for the number of times that they have had to save him, and remind him of what a completely useless man he is other than his use as a healbot. Jask has begun to long for the sweet release that death will bring. Each morning when he wakes up and sees that the PC’s are still alive, he has to fight his willpower to kill himself.



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