Serpent's Skull

12/15/10 Mud Vault II: Boss & Vault of Silence I: Entrance

The PC’s decided to go back to mud vault and finish searching it. Picking up where they left off, they found Khalid-Shah a muck shaitian and his two little ooze mephit friends. The mega PC’s swatted the mephitis like flies, but not before the bad guys were able to sicken a couple of the PC’s with their acid breath. Khalid lived in a mud swimming pool in the middle of his room. SWaD, not noticing that the mud in the pool was any different than the mud in the rest of the room, fell in as she approached. Khalid tried to turn the mud around her to stone, but she was able to move out of the way before it encased her. Skank fished out a ring of water walking and was able to move freely on top of the mud. Nig shot arrows and Joe summoned another deamon. The only notable thing about this fight was when Khalid managed to shove noxious mud into SWaD’s mouth. Before The PC’s could kill him, Khalid dove into the bottom of the mud. The PC’s healed up and dove for him, but at the bottom all they found was a stone floor with no treasure.

Disappointed and confused at what happened, the party went to the next room and there discovered the Argental Font. (queue angelic voices) Nig had an idea to take the waters from the font and keep them in bottles, but six seconds after taking the flasks of water, his alchemy skill told him that the waters had lost all their magic. There were no more rooms to explore so the heroes left and felt as though they missed something, (which they did).

Still feeling fresh, the party decided to go to the vault of silence. At the entrance in what was once known as the Garden of Contemplation, they come to an encampment of six Serpentfolk. A pitched battle ensued, as the snake men were able bring the fight to Nig and Joe who usually hide in the rear. Their blur ability also caused many, if not most of Nig’s arrows to miss. After three snake people were killed, the others tried to escape. Two were cut down mercilessly, but the third threw down his weapon and asked for mercy in one of the many languages that the PC’s have learned. The PC’s get little information from him other than he is looking for the crystals, he is not from a faction, but from a city Ilumera. He also tells them that his party was larger, but that they were cut down by dangerous undead in the vault. The PC’s ultimately let him go, to tell his people that the PC’s are coming. They even gave him a cure light wounds potion, but considering the state they left him (naked, almost dead), he will need more than blur and burning hands to survive more than a day or two in the jungle.

Drained of resources, the PC’s decide to return to camp rather than push on into the vault. Back in camp, faithful Jask heals them of their wounds, and is spit on and humiliated because he is a poor black man with a raspy accent.



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